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The Ikonik Golf Academy provides the tools needed to make some lasting progress on your golf development journey. From the Assessments to the Stat Trackers, the activities provided in the academy will allow you and your coach to devise the right plan for lasting improvement.


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IKONIK Golf coaches use our diagnostic process to prescribe  training plans that are designed specifically for that particular student. There are a lot of digital content providers available that deliver content directly to the student. The problem is, there is very little regard for the student in this content delivery. IKONIK Golf first diagnoses the needs through our Personal Player Assessments and then develops training plans based on the results of those diagnostic tests. It is hard for a coach to teach a student without having real world contact with them. This is the foundation of the belief system for our process. Instruction is not about what the coach has to say it is about what the coach has to say about YOU. This is IKONIK Golf.

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