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Welcome to IKONIK Golf. We are a golf instruction platform that provides the coach with the comprehensive tools necessary to deliver process training programs. Our platform allows the coach to design and target the individual goals of their student. These goals can be as specific as a focus in one of the Six Playing Disciplines such as “Pitching and Chipping” all the way to a complete player development program. Complete Player Development teaches the playing disciplines as well as training programs that include things such as course management, nutrition, fitness and mental training. Golf instruction is evolving in the same way instruction and training has evolved in other sports and even training in the business world.


“Mind the Student!” That is our mantra. Most would agree that golf instruction is in an evolving period right now. You will see lots of instruction being delivered in non-traditional ways more so than ever before. The Internet has made instruction video accessible to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone. There are lots and lots of content out there available to golfers through digital subscriptions or even free on Youtube. Most of these Video Library sources have a lot of good content. The one consistent factor about this instruction content is that it generally is not directed toward the golfer. This content is all about the teacher and his or her method that they are trying to share. There is some good information available but IKONIK Golf looks at training and improvement through a different scope. IKONIK Golf’s programs are about YOU. The program assesses your personality, learning style, goals, and levels of achievement in your game and then prescribes a curriculum that is designed to help YOU become a better player.


This game that we all love is a colossal challenge and a very complex one at that. Our programs are focused on mastering the skills, knowledge and competencies to actually achieve a pattern of improvement. The game of golf has so many facets to it and understanding what makes a player score 75 vs. 95 is a complex problem.


  • Golf is technique.
  • Golf is repetition.
  • Golf is peak performance
  • Golf is conditioning
  • Golf is strategy
  • Golf is confidence


IKONIK Golf aims to break apart all of the pieces to the puzzle and train the student with very specific curriculums all of which will roll up to the realization of improvement. As players, we are not all gifted with the skills to be on the PGA or LPGA tour, but we ALL can train our games to eventually become better players. IKONIK Golf is not trying to find the perfect swing and certainly not trying to fit students all into the same instruction box. Learning golf is a process. IKONIK Golf provides our students and our coaches with the tools to learn, train, and improve.


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