The foundation for the IKONIK Golf  learning platform is centered on two concrete principles:

  • Student Centric Curriculum
  • Measureable Progress

Golf instruction has always been difficult to measure in its success.  Is there improvement? Is it sustained improvement? Golf is so much more than just a handicap index. We have broken the game down into the Six Playing Disciplines that we can test and measure improvement in each of the disciplines. There has never been a more targeted way to track progress and improvement. This is how it works:


Every process needs proof to validate its effectiveness. How do we know we are improving? If we are to shift the process paradigm for golf instruction, there should be a very solid reason why we are asking people to change. The answer is simple and it always has been.


The problem is and always has been…How do you know if you are improving? We have a process that will give the student and the coach the answer to that elusive question.



This process provides a trackable tool to measure the progress of the student in each of the Playing Disciplines. Here is how it works:

  1. TEST– Each Playing Discipline has its own scoring test (Player Performance Assessment) that is taken at the beginning of each of the Playing Discipline Programs. The TEST is administered by the coach under a controlled set of standards. The TEST is given under tournament like conditions and the results are recorded by the coach. The final score is put into a matrix and an achievement level is than assigned to the student based on his/her performance on the test.
  2. TEACH – The instructor through the use of the “Plan Builder” software, will assign a curriculum to the student to complete the program.
  3. LEARN – Through a blended learning process, the student will execute the learning modules in their prescribed curriculum.
  4. TEST – At completion of the program, the initial level test is then re-taken by the student and the achievement level is then reassigned.


The change in the score then becomes the proof of progress.

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