The IKONIK Golf Way

What does IKONIK Golf do?


IKONIK Golf provides a student focused learning platform for coaches to deliver instruction to their students in a manner that increases retention and provides a model of trackable improvement. Through the use of the Ikonik tools such as the Ikonik Lesson Modules, Ikonik Assessments, Ikonik Scoring Combines, Ikonik Achievement Level Testing, Ikonik Diagnostics and Ikonik Quick Tests, a comprehensive approach can be used to train the student.


 This is what we don’t do:

  • We DO NOT subscribe to a certain method of teaching
  • We DO NOT believe in “one way” instruction
  • We DO NOT deliver swing tips
  • We DO NOT treat every student the same
  • We DO NOT believe that improvement comes only from a better golf swing



How does this work for the coach?


The Ikonik Golf Platform serves as a great aggregator for the coach to use a menu of different tools in the player development process of their students. As the instructor begins to use and get familiar with the IKONIK Golf platform, they will find it much easier to perform their duties as a comprehensive coach. This is not merely semantics. An instructor is one who gives lessons for a set period of time in exchange for a set amount of money, whereas a coach is one who guides a student through their player development process using a more comprehensive approach. The Ikonik Platform is designed especially for those coaches that do recognize the importance of training their students for long term player development.


The coach can use the IKONK Golf Platform to do anything from quick messaging and video sharing to administering a comprehensive player training program. The Ikonik Tools offer both the coach and the student the ability to train and track the progress of any of their students. The Ikonik Platform serves as the hub for a coach to deliver instruction through the Lesson Modules, message back and forth with their students, share videos and files, and track long term progress. This process will not only make the student more active in the learning, it will make the range time with the student more productive. The student will become more involved in their own process of training and development which is crucial to lasting improvement. The Ikonik platform will simplify the process of coaching and training for all involved. 



Can I add my own content with my own video?

We recognize that every instructor has their own style and sometime even their own content. While we have a vast library of content in our platform for all to use, you will have the ability to create your own content as you see fit. 

What is the cost of using Ikonik Golf?

There is no direct cost for a coach to use the Ikonik Platform and tools. We charge a subscription price for each of your students to be coached on the platform. Please contact us with any questions regarding pricing. 

How do I sell this to my students?

As a coach, you can sell the subscription directly to your student or you can include it in one of your own subscription training programs. We can handle the transaction as you would prefer.


  • The coach can teach more students.
  • Not all coaching is done on range. A significant part of the learning and training is done by student on his/her own time.
  • Better use of time! Range time is now review of work rather than an introduction of  work.
  • IKONIK Achievement Levels, Diagnostics, Combines, and Quick Tests allow the coach and the student to score activities and track progress.
  • Coach can prescribe programs outside of their own expertise for the development of their students. (ex. Nutrition, Fitness, Mental)
  • The Coach will understand the opportunities for student improvement uncovered in the menu of assessments and diagnostics.



How does this work for the student?


The student becomes involved in his/her own player development. Improvement in the game becomes an orchestrated process and not just a series of quick fixes. The student is an active participant in the process of learning / training instead of just being a lab rat for quick swing fixes. Each student has different skill levels, playing aspirations, and time available to dedicate to their improvement process. All of these factors will play a part in how the plan is constructed and what type of learning and activities are appropriate. The student now can have a more comprehensive relationship with the coach as they can not only receive instruction but can also communicate and share ideas through the platform. 



  • Using this process and platform gives the student a much better chance at retention and lasting improvement.
  • The student will participate in the learning process at his/her pace and desire.
  • The student will be able to track their own progress throughout the life of their participation in the platform.
  • The student will have a better understanding of all of the aspects of the game through the Performance Assessments.




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