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We are not selling instruction. We are not selling golf tips. We are not selling any particular method or instructor.  We are selling Improvement! This may sound like a bold statement but we have some hard evidence to support our claim. We are a platform for the world’s best golf coaches to deliver process training plans to their students. We deliver learning modules that are specifically designed to insure the best chance of retetion and ultimately student learning. This is all possible through our statistically proven methods of delivering instruction.

The keys to our product are Blended Learning and Process Training.

Blended learning is a combination of traditional experiential methods combined with online digital media to come together to make a training plan. Blended learning has proven itself to be the most effect method of delivering instruction and gaining retention. The fact that it is partially directed by the student themselves makes certain that the level of engagement by the student is heightened. These are factors that will indeed lead to better retention.

Process Training provides a series of steps and activities to come together in a systemic fashion to provide the learner with best possible chance of real learning and retention.

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