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This evaluation questionnaire taken at the very beginning of every program.  This questionnaire will determine the personality traits, learning styles, skill level and goals of each player. This is the key to Ikonik Golf’s student centric learning process. These are the true intangibles when it comes to our golf games and our path toward improvement. The results are filtered into our “Plan Builder” technology that will help the coach provide the student with a customized program curriculum specially designed to give the student the best possible chance to realize lasting improvement in their game. 



These tests are designed for a coach to deliver to a student to test a specific part of their game under pressure situations. If there appears to be a potential weakness or an area of focus, these tests will allow both the student and the coach to monitor progress in these areas. 



As many of our assessments and tests will tell us how many we “made” and how many we “missed”, the diagnostics are designed to dig a little bit deeper. These assessments will not only tell us if we made or missed a target, it will tell us how we missed a shot. This can be very useful information in identifying a problem and determining a fix. There is a diagnostic assessment for each of the six playing disciplines.



The Ikonik Stat Trackers are designed for a student and a coach to track some very important categories, They are separated into four important sections.


  • CATEGORIES- This section tracks things like Greens in Reg., Fairways Hit, Scrambling, Three Putt Greens etc…
  • SCORING- This section tracks things like pars, birdies, bogeys, double bogeys etc…
  • STRATEGY- This section tracks categories such as lay up success, escape, club selection, short siding etc…
  • MENTAL- This section tracks such important factors as focus, confidence, agitation, routine etc…


Each of these sections in our stat trackers is very important to the overall development of the player’s game. The ability to record and historically track this information is key to both the coach and the student in understanding the comprehensive nature of the game of golf. There is more to development than just tracking score.



We have developed five separate combine challenges that are equal parts informative, competitive, and fun. There are three of the challenges that are performed on a launch monitor (Driving, Approach Shot, Wedge Play) and two (Short Game, Putting) that are performed on a proper practice area. Coming in 2019, we will be conducting organized events around these great Ikonik Combine Challenges.



All measurable activities are scored and tracked through the Ikonik Golf Progress Tracking System. This is a great way to visually understand how important all facets of the game are to true player development. Not unlike medical records, any measured activity will last the lifetime of the student in the Ikonik platform. 


Through the Ikonik Platform, a coach and student can communicate via our internal messaging system. As remote coaching becomes more a part of our world, these features are more and more necessary to the proper flow of communication between coach and student.



Ikonik Golf has a video chat function built right into the platform. When immediate visual communication is necessary between coach and student, Ikonik provides the video chat tools without having to leave the platform.












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