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IKONIK Golf has divided its curriculum into three categories:

  • IKONIK Training Programs
  • Advanced Training Programs
  • Advanced Partner Programs   

The three program categories can provide the student anything from a focused training program on a specific part of the game all the way to a complete player training program. While technique and form are important factors in the ability to improve, there are other non-playing factors that are every bit as important to playing better golf. This is the reason we have separated our offerings into the three categories below. IKONIK Golf is a complete player training platform that understands the the importance of the obvious physical elements as well as the intangible parts of the game. Things like Mental approach and fitness may be less obvious to the untrained eye but are just as important as a solid backswing.

IKONIK TRAINING “The Six Playing Disciplines”

Ikonik Golf has identified six areas of the game that we call the “Playing Disciplines”. These six areas are a categorical breakdown of all the different types of shots that the golfer will come across in a round of golf. The playing disciplines are prescribed and trained in a very focused manner with the goal of becoming more proficient in the targeted discipline or disciplines.


The Ikonik Golf platform also recognizes the importance of non-playing disciplines in its player development programs. Improving your golf game is more than technique and swing training. Things like fitness, nutrition, mental game, situational golf, power and more can all play a large part in player development and improvement. These are areas that we call advanced training…not because it is for “advanced” players but because it touches on parts of the game that generally are ignored in most instruction and training programs.


There are some great coaches out there that have developed effective instruction curriculum designed to bring out the best in student development. These programs have been carefully chosen to be available to our coaches in the effort to provide the students with the best and most advanced training opportunities. These programs are of a specific expertise, focus or method that may not be found in a standard program curriculum.

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