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Our content for the Six Playing Disciplines are all part of our “ Ikonik Golf Text Book”. The Text Book contains all of the lesson modules can include video, key points, practice tips and activities that can introduce concepts, train movement and check progress for each of the lessons. Each of the learning modules is designed to offer multiple points of contact to insure that the content of a module is able to be comprehended and retained. The Ikonik process is grounded in the science of learning and is statistically proven to produce better results over the course of time.

“We are Agnostic” As we believe that the instructor and the student are the most important factors in the training process, we are not tied to any specific method or teaching philosophy. We do offer some Advanced Training programs that are method specific but our learning modules in our lessons library are all a collection of non-method centric learning. Being Agnostic in this sense means that we believe that the coach is the foundation for improvement. We serve many coaches with many different styles of instruction and different content as well. As we provide a vast library of content accessible to our coaches,  we also provide the opportunity for any coach to add his or her own content to our library.

This is all not to say that we do not recognize “method instruction”. We do! What we don’t do is pick and choose what is right for that coach and that student. Our Partner Programs offer some very sepcific method instruction and are great programs. They will just be separate from our IKONIK Golf text book and content library.



The content in our text book is provided from different sources and has been created with more value than just video . The major difference in the IKONIK Golf content vs. other digital content is that IKONIK content is all designed into Lesson Modules. We do not believe in just delivering video clips organized into a library. Our experience has led us to where we deliver only comprehensive lesson modules in our platform. This is NOT a semantic difference. Our lesson modules include video, key points, drills, and practice routines and are designed to have an interactive nature to them. This is what insures that student retention is maximized. Delivering just video or swing tips is a very incomplete and ineffective way to get student retention and eventual learning.



A “Create” Lesson Module is one that teaches the student to perform a certain skill. Two examples of this are “Set-up and Posture” and “The knock-down iron shot”. In both of these modules, the instructor is looking to teach a new skill, shot or position to the student.


A “Fix” Lesson Module deals with addressing a specific problem. Some examples of this would be “Fat Shots”, “Slicing”, “Shanking”. All of which take a chronic issue and provide relevant instruction to fix the issue.


A “Learn” Lesson Module is designed to deliver to the student some informational instruction designed to increase knowledge of the game.  A few examples of these would be “Reading Bermuda Grain” and “Lies in the Rough”. The Learn Modules will educate the student for better application and decision making on the course.




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